Remembering Andrew Krafft, class of 1986
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Rec. Year: 1982 | Added: 12/1/2023 | Uploaded by: Paul L.

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Our annual Christmas gathering with our families and a few glasses of scotch. Sent it to Al as a musical Christmas card. Probably early 80’s bc we had families by then. I’d say 82 or 82. Still gives me some goose bumps. We also cut an album in the 70’s that I have digitized. If you’re interested I’ll send it to you. Thanks for everything you’re doing.

-Bill McGaughey, Nov 2023

Source: Bill McGaughey collection


Mentioned in video: Jack Strite, Tom Lefevre, William Mcgaughey. Add another tag.


This was so wonderful to watch today…
thanks, Paul for uploading it…
Kevin McGuire son of Mickey.

PVGC user


on 12/25/2023

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