Remembering Andrew Krafft, class of 1986
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Rec. Year: 2003 | Added: 11/8/2023 | Uploaded by: Paul L.

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(alternate titles for this interview include “Dude!” or “Buddy!”)

Alan Bogovich served as assistant director and accompanist spanning the 90s to the early 2000s. In this interview, Bogovich (Bog) talks about his musical background, beginnings with PMO, his overall experience with the group. Referring to the spontaneous nature of Glee Club shows at the time, Bog explains:

…the good thing about that is it makes those students be able to think fast on their feet in front of a group of people. And, and what kind of class can you take that gives you that kind of on the job training for when you get in to the real world in a couple of years? You know, here’s just how do I stay in control? How do I stay composed and just do it? You know? It’s a great training ground.

Bog emphasize the family-like atmosphere of Glee Club and the lasting relationships formed within the group. The interview concludes by mentioning the powerful and energetic nature of Glee Club performances. Stories include “Hey, Neil (Armstrong!)” and “Look! There’s a cow!”

For much of this interview, Bog is not quite in the video frame. I blame the cinematographer. But no video frame or piano bench can contain the vim and energy of the boisterous Bog!


I love this! So many memories… 😊

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Jon Owens

on 4/10/2024

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