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Rec. Year: 1964 | Added: 2/15/2021 | Era: 1960s | Director: Al Stewart | Arrangement: | Uploaded by: Paul L.

Collection: End of Season, 1964
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Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
Genre: | Type: End of Season


Singers: Denny Lipp. Add another tag. Composers:


My heart was frozen even as the earth

That covered ye forever from my sight

All thoughts of happiness expired at birth

Within in me naught, but black and starless night

Down through the winter sunshine snowflakes came,

All shimmering like to silver butterflies

They seem to whisper softly thy dear name

They melted with the teardrops from mine eyes

But suddenly there bloomed, within that hour

In my poor heart so seeming dead, a flower

Whose fragrance in my life shall ever be

The tender sacred memory of thee


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