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Editors: Introduction to the Advanced Control Panel, w/ Collections

Two quick videos. The first shows how to get into the advanced control panel. This allows you further editing capabilities: re-uploading a song, fixing mis-assigned audio, etc. The interface is… Continue reading

on: 3/19/2021, by: Paul L., 0 comments

How to volunteer

Ways in which you can volunteer to help curate content for PVGCDB.

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on: 2/16/2021, by: Paul L., 3 comments

Video: How to split audio tracks in Garage Band using a Mac

Summary Tutorial of splitting, fading, titling and exporting tracks from a collection using Garage Band on a Mac. (minutes 7:30 to 9:30 are silent, just FYI) Questions, or improvements? Leave a… Continue reading

on: 12/14/2020, by: Paul L., 0 comments